Technological Solution for Your Website

* Online-chat button – a widget or a customer request follow up form
Online-chat button*
Redirects the customer to our online-chat 
or telegram bot and may be integrated with your website, app, crypto wallet or crypto exchange
Customer sends request 
to our operator in chat
Operator chooses the best solution for the customer
Customer pays in cryptocurrency 
to our wallet
We pay for good in fiat money and send the payment confirmation to the customer
Customer enjoys
the first-class services
2 options for designing
the online-chat buttons
  • Widget atop off the partners website with a greeting form and a photo
  • Opens automatically
  • Chat/bot appears atop 
of the website page
  • Banner is integrated with your website with the similar design
  • It can be designed a any widget option: block, link, bottom - we will comply with any technical and design requirements
More information:
Both options
  • Chat only
  • Telegram-bot only
  • Both elements at the same time
We can provide both —
 a standard widget
and the exclusive banner
on the same website
  • For example, by placing buttons and online-chat form atop of the website

Working with us will get you:

Clients’ loyalty
By providing them
with an additional
and convenient service
Financial benefits
We are ready to discuss
individually when agreeing
on the details of cooperation
Corporate discounts for your employees
We offer discounts
on our services
Additional advertising opportunities
We are ready to place information about our partners in our online sources (website, telegram bot,
groups in social media, etc.)
The flexibility of our service makes it possible to satisfy any partners’ and customers’ requests

5 easy steps to establish a winning partnership

First contact
Our manager provides the most comfortable conditions for you and prepares an offer
Signing a contract
We sign a contract
for widget or banner integration and supporting services
Concept development
We prepare code and visuals in accordance with your requirements
Website integration
You integrate and test the widget 
on your website
The cooperation terms are discussed with our Partner Relations Team. Write us an e-mail: or fill in our form here.