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The largest festival in the world, Oktoberfest, will soon begin in Munich

Oktoberfest is the most legendary beer festival

Thousands of tourists fr om all over the world come to this legendary event. In 2022 the festival will be held from September 17 to October 3.

How does Oktoberfest happen? Tents and smaller tents are set up on Theresienwiese (the site of the festival) wh ere one can enjoy delicious Bavarian beers, grilled chickens, pretzels, potatoes, and many other Bavarian snacks. In the tents there are scenes wh ere musicians play traditional Bavarian music in national costumes. Fairground rides are installed on the street . Also stalls with local national snacks are installed everywhere.

Oktoberfest - is the most fun and the largest folk festival in the world. If you want to feel the atmosphere of fun and party - you should visit it. Our team will be happy to organize your flight, hotel and airport transfers.

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